Snowshoe Reviews

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Hand Out Glove

There are two main reasons I appreciate the Hand-Out glove.
1. When I engage in winter sports I am often listening to music or podcasts or taking photos – things I’m usually taking my gloves off to do. With the Hand-Out glove I no longer have to worry about dropping a glove in the snow, or pulling it off, I just unzip the finger pocket and do what I need to do.
When I heat up on the trail I usually end up pulling my gloves off, because I release heat through my hands. I use this as a way to cool me down. With the normal glove I have to find a place to stash the gloves and get them in and out as needed, but with the Hand-Out glove I can just zip out my fingers without removing the gloves, losing the gloves, dropping the gloves, or removing my pack to stash my gloves. Instead I can vent my hands while the gloves are still attached. But, none of this would matter to me if the gloves weren’t performance level quality – made of leather with a reinforced palm and a soft strip on the thumb for those quick nose wipes, it is also waterproofed with Hipora, which is a 3-layer membrane that prevents water from coming in while letting moisture out. It has a microporous structure with a polyurethane coating, the layers of material have tiny holes in it so water cannot get in, but moisture can get out. Bottom-line… it’s a good glove and a good looking glove, it is waterproof and provides a service –easy in and easy out hand access—that someone should have thought of a long time ago.
  • Material: Leather
  • Waterproofing: Hipora
  • Features: Reinforced Palm Grip; Quick Zip Technology; wind and waterproof
  • Colors: Black/black
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Seirus Heatwave Zenith PRODUCT REVIEW:
Seirus Heatwave Zenith

First we need to start out by explaining what HeatWave technology is because that’s what this glove is all about. Basically, Seirus engineered a thermal reflective layer made with high wicking polyester/nylon blend, and it retains 20% more warmth inside the glove than the usual liner. It’s a non-battery heated glove that works like a battery heated glove because it reflects back your body heat. Reflects and amplifies. If your hands run hot, this may not be the glove for you, but if you want to make sure to stay warm, or have a hard time keeping your hands warm, this new technology will be your best friend. They proved to be water and windproof, while still staying breathable. There is a drawstring cinch around the cuff to keep snow out, a tightening/loosening band at the wrist for easy entry and exit, and a clip that keeps the gloves together when needed. These gloves performed perfectly. Hands were warm and dry.
MRSP:$49.99 and MSRP $54.99 with SoundTouch
  • Insulation: 300g Heatlock Premium Hollow-Core Insulation
  • Shell: Softshell
  • Palm: Amara
  • Features: Heatwave lining
  • Size: S, M, L, XL – Mens; S,M,L – Womens
  • Colors: Black, Heather Gray

Kombi Glide glove

Despite the fact that this glove is made for warmer days, I have to tell you that it is still a very warm glove. The tight, low profile makes it easy to wear, but even on cold days I found this glove enough to keep my hands toasty. The micro-fleece liner on the inside is like "butta" on the hands. I'm big on comfort, and softness is always appealing, so I enjoyed putting these gloves on. The stretch polyester back keeps the glove breathable, while the leather makes for a sturdy glove. Lighter, smaller, and quite warm, the Kombi Glide performed well. AAA
  • Leather and stretch polyester
  • 200 gram fleece insulation
  • Low profile for warmer days
  • Reinforced thumb saddle
  • Goggle wipe on the thumb
  • Men's and Women's design

Kombi Minx

This glove is a serious glove. Designed for warmth and comfort, the Minx performed like a charm. I wore the glove skiing and snowshoeing, and often my hands were too warm. It's been a warmer winter this year, but if your hands get cold easily you will love this glove. The waterproof shell and the breathable liner combine with the micro-fleece inner liner for comfort and performance. The Minx is a technical winter glove. It has a velcro wrist closure that allowed me to tighten the glove around my wrist to keep the snow and cold air out. I had zero problems with the glove during testing. A very nice wear.
  • Designed for women
  • Waterproof/breathable liner
  • Down-like insulation
  • Micro-fur fleece lining
  • Stretch panel in the thumb
  • Nose wipe on the thumb